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Favela Landscapes

"This gallery has a fantastic set of images showing Brazil’s poor squatter settlements-the favelas."


See the cultural landscape of how millions live in a megacity.

Norka McAlister's curator insight, February 14, 2015 7:53 PM

It is interesting how the demographic pattern of Favela serve as the only option for the housing of the poor in Brazil. The lack of jobs and better opportunities force many families to build their houses in the heel of the mountains. However, these mountain based houses are faced with many severe problems involving electricity, sewage, and water. The city offers a lot of opportunities for everyone, except for the poor who are the most in need. Transportation is another issue for these impoverished communities. It takes a lot of time to go up and down from these favelas, and becomes difficult for those that live on the highest peaks. Another important concern is drugs and crime rates that make these poor neighborhood dangerous in which to reside. Favelas are typical houses in the Brazil, which has the highest percentage of poverty out of all South American countries. In the meantime, favela will continue to serve as the permanent residencies of those too poor to afford housing in the Brazilian urban landscape.

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