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Rescooped by Courtney Barrowman from Geography Education

Retronyms: Linguistic Shifts

Retronyms: Linguistic Shifts | AP Human Geography | Scoop.it

A 'retronym' is a term specifying the original meaning of word after a newer meaning has overtaken it.

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Courtney Barrowman's insight:

unit 3

Kristen McDaniel's curator insight, May 2, 3:10 PM

Very interesting look at how language changes over time.  Examples:  landline, "friend IRL", and vinyl.

God Is.'s curator insight, May 3, 1:15 PM

Some of you might appreciate this article.. Darn I feel old! LOL

A.K.Andrew's curator insight, May 6, 8:32 PM

Fantastic images for our modern day terms.

Rescooped by Courtney Barrowman from Mrs. Watson's Class

Did You Know 3.0

The New 2012 HD version on the progression of information technology researched by Karl Fisch, and modified by me! Globalization & The Information Age.

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steve smith's curator insight, January 30, 1:30 AM

Great for beginning the development topic

Mrs. B's curator insight, February 5, 9:19 AM

If you haven't seen this classic, don't wait one more minute! Creates a paradigm shift!

Nancy Watson's curator insight, March 5, 7:55 PM

Did you Know? Shift Happens, and it is happening at an exponential rate. Half of this 2012 version maybe obsolete. Time, and technology, does not stand still.