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Profiles Behind Vintage Silhouette Artists Are Shady | Inherited Values

Profiles Behind Vintage Silhouette Artists Are Shady | Inherited Values | Antiques & Vintage Collectibles |

While I love the vintage fashionista who was compelled to have not one, but two, portraits of herself done at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair (and I am quite enamored with her hat — which is either amply feathered or sports an actual bird!), it is the silhouette artist himself which mainly concerns me.

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Scooped by Deanna Dahlsad!

Antiques as Souvenirs

Antiques as Souvenirs | Antiques & Vintage Collectibles |

Tourists have collected travel kitsch since the Crusaders plundered their way through the Holy Land.  Postcards, pennants, shot glasses, spoons, as well as,  a plethora of other items have topped the list of must haves from exotic and pastoral locales. These items are readily available at estate sales as they lose their meaning once their purchaser has passed. I have a different take on souvenir purchases; I try to find an antique or vintage piece that I can use and enjoy in my home decor.

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