Anthropometry and Kinanthropometry
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Do Parents Discriminate Against their Heavyweight Daughters?

In a 1991 study, the author found that females were less likely to receive support from their parents for college education if they were fatter than average. This effect is replicated for female undergraduates (n = 576); no effect emerged for males (n = 450). Controlling for income, ethnicity, family size, and number of children attending college did not change the results. The selection bias against fat women was strongest for daughters of political conservatives, a group previously found to endorse antifat attitudes. This suggests that parents' attitudes may lead to discrimination within families. To demonstrate that this may be due to parents' bias, data from a representative sample of high school seniors (n = 3,386) showed no association between politics, weight, and predictors of college attendance, including grade point average, self-rated intelligence and ability, college aspirations, and health. The evidence accumulates that parents are discriminating against their own heavyweight daughters.

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Anthropometry and Kinanthropometry
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