Poverty Assignment( Chng Peng Hao 3G)
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UN Utilizing Financial Inclusion Programs to Fight Rural Poverty

UN Utilizing Financial Inclusion Programs to Fight Rural Poverty | Poverty Assignment( Chng Peng Hao 3G) | Scoop.it
Several United Nations agencies are investing heavily in so-called financial inclusion programs, designed to bring financial services to the poor and make them less aid-dependent. Although the effort...
Chng Peng Hao's insight:

I feel that it is good for the nations to provide these people who are living in poverty some living skills so that they can get a job and get out of poverty. This is a long term good idea as even if they would to provide them fianical support it would not last ever so its better to teach them some skills sp that in the future they would be able to support themselves and live healthly and happyfully.

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The Global Search for Education: What Students Want

The Global Search for Education: What Students Want | Poverty Assignment( Chng Peng Hao 3G) | Scoop.it
Education is the greatest armament in the battle on poverty, disease, brutality and prejudice. Providing education for children in the emerging markets is both vital and relatively cheap.

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Ang Marcus
Chng Peng Hao's insight:

I strongly agree with the sentence of "Education is the greatest arnament int he battle on poverty, brutality and prejudice" It is a well known fact that education can be the strongest "weapon" against anything. If someone is in poverty, with a decent education he can get out of it anytime as the world is materialistic and they judge people based on their educations. So with a good education we can get a good job and a good pay separating from poverty. Also against diseases with a good medicinal education we can fing ways to counter or supress these issues which is definitely beneficial to the world as a whole.

Ezra Yeoshua's curator insight, January 20, 2014 9:05 AM

I see that education is the most important weapon to defeat poverty, disease, brutality and prejudice in the world. However, I also see that not many children can afford to have or finish their education. I think that it is not fair that only children that can afford education should have education. There are others with great abilities when it comes to studying but they are not able to pay for it. I wonder if the government ever thought that with more educated children in a nation, a much better place it will be in the future.

jerriel wai's curator insight, January 26, 2014 10:06 AM

connect: Education is a very important neccesity for life. Everybody should be given the chance to be educated if possible.


extend: Poverty makes it very difficult for people to live normal lives. We can stop poverty by educating people so that they have skills to work in the outside world.


challenge: Study hard and beat poverty, people!!


Ray Kang's comment, January 27, 2014 8:34 PM
I agree with the idea that having a proper education can help you get rid of poverty, however, besides the certification you got, it is crucial that one community should have good job opportunities for people. "Weapons" are useless if there is no chance to use it. Thus, I think besides having a good education, find a good job market is also important to get out of poverty.
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The Statistics

One-third of deaths—some 18 million people a year or 50, 000 a day—are due to poverty-related
• 600 million of the world’s children live in absolute poverty.
• 800 million people go to bed hungry every day.
• Every year, almost 11 million children die before their fifth birthday. That’s 30,000 children a day.
Most of these children live in developing countries and die from a disease or a combination of
diseases that could be prevented or treated if the means were there. Sometimes, the cause is
as simple as the lack of antibiotics for treating pneumonia or oral rehydration salts for diarrhea.
Malnutrition contributes to over half of these deaths.
• According to the Worldwatch Institute the annual expenditure of pet food in Europe and the
United States is $17 billion. With an annual investment of $19 billion, we can eliminate global
hunger and malnutrition.



Via Ms Huglin
Chng Peng Hao's insight:

I feel that this children who died out of malnutrition should really be pitied as they are only young children who should be enjoying their childhood instead of woorying about their nutritions consumage..Also  with refernce to the statisitics one-third of the deaths of the world is poverty related which is a really sad thing as this could be prevented with easy methods such as other countries lending a helping hand to these people. I know that each country most only act for its own profit but as humans lkiving in the same world we should lend a helping to those in times of extreme needs. Also with a investment of 19billion dollars these issues can be exterminated.

Ang Marcus's curator insight, January 19, 2014 12:21 AM

According to the Global statistics of poverty, one third of deaths, about eighteen million people a year or fifty thousand people a day died due to poverty-related causes. I believe that this is a very serious issue and governments of the world have to take action. Many governments have the ability to save the poverty but they choose to advance their country, catering needs to the country’s majority. For example, Worldwatch Institute’s annual expenditure of pet food in Europe and the United States is $17 billion. With an annual investment of $19 billion, we can eliminate global hunger and malnutrition.   

Ray Kang's comment, February 3, 2014 1:31 AM
I partially Marcus's insight. However, I think dealing with poverty is not only government's responsibily, everyone should take action to save the poor people. For example we can take part in some charity events, donate money and clothes to the poor.
Shafiz de Spegabomb's curator insight, February 25, 2014 5:56 AM

I really wonder why there are so many people who are suffering poverty. This shows that many people are not ready to help or they don’t know about poverty. If this happens the population of people suffering from poverty would increase. I also wonder will the rich help the people who are suffering from poverty. Or have they even thought of poverty? I hope that the rich would help as much as there can. It is also good if somebody can take the initiative to organise some events like raising funds. Same like a events called ‘slipper race’ the total defense edition. The event main objective was to raise funds from people who are suffering from poverty. I believe that more events like this can help to decrease the population poverty.