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The Chrome web browser is Google’s custom browser. Not only is it incredibly speedy and on the bleeding edge of web development, it is at the forefront of delivering web experiences both on and off the web.

Chrome Apps are embedded applications that run within the web browser, but are intended on delivering a native app feel. Since they run within Chrome itself, they are written in HTML5, javascript, CSS3, and have access to native-like capabilities that true web applications do not.

Chrome apps have access to the Chrome API and services and can provide a integrated desktop-like experiences to the user.

One more interesting differentiation between Chrome apps and webapps is that they always load locally, so they show up immediately, rather than waiting for the network to fully download the components. This greatly improves the performance and our user’s experience with running our apps.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to create an advanced Chrome application using Angular.

Via Jan Hesse