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There are different ways to theme your android smartphone. One of the most commonly used tweaks is Golauncher which is simple, sleek and does not require root premissions so you can simply install the app from Google Play and start theming your device. However there are other tweaks that require root access. MIUI is one of the most popular custom theming roms that is used by alot of advance android uses who know how to deal with root and tweaking android system. The main aim of installing these custom roms is to have a different and unique user interface and modify it easily. MIUI is known for its amazing lockscreen and uniquely designed homescreen that is original and has not been copied from any source. Its very handy and convenient to use MIUI. 


MIUI is awesome and amazing but what if you don't want to root your device and still want to have MIUI user interface? The developers of MIUI have not created a simple Golauncher like theme which can be installed from Google Play. The best thing about MiHome Launcher is that you can add over 10 screens each having different settings and there are over hundreds and thousands of compatible MiHome launcher themes so you won't have any difficulty in selecting the best one The MIUI ROM developers recognize the fact that not everyone using Android wants to tinker with his or her device extensively, so they developed this launcher, offering some of the ROM’s applications and features. The current version on the Google Play Store is especially tailored for devices running at least Android 4.0.