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Unbrick for Samsung GalaxySIII S3 released US Carriers GalaxyS3 bricked help fixing How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T Sprint and T-Mobile carriers S3 got bricking when flashing gsm rom fix...


Over 9million Samsung GalaxyS3 already sold and over 1 million additional devices are speculated to be sold by the end of July. Samsung, truly has conquered the smartphone market by surpassing its own sales record. Samsung GalaxySIII is the successor of GalaxyS2 which itself was a huge success for Samsung. GalaxyS3 is so far the most successful smartphone from Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy S3 development community got involved pretty quickly with Chainfire's remote root that was performed even without the physical presence of the device followed by various other development tools and mods like Cayanogen Mod9 and Clockwork Mod and other tweaks. There is a certain point where threat level increases and this is when cooking custom firmwares or installing badly cooked firmwares. This results in device getting bricked. There are basically two types of bricks that occur in devices. 


Soft Brick : Soft brick is something that makes your device unstable and un usable but can be fixed with a patch Hard Brick : Hard bricks are usually unrecoverable and lead in total annihilation where a device cannot be brought back unless there is an OEM support. Soft Brick Description : Samsung GalaxyS3 has joined the community of devices which get bricked. Hopefully there is a fix for GalaxyS3 as it is a soft brick which can be recovered. It has been observed that GalaxyS3 devices sold in US had soft bricking problem with Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile phones. The problem occurs when you try to install a GSM rom over any one the above mentioned carrier devices which causes bricking. If you are S3 user and have faced the problem then you are lucky as a fix for soft bricking of US variants of Samsung Galaxy SIII phones is out and this will reincarnate your GalaxyS3. Unbricking GalaxyS3 : This method of unbricking works only on those GalaxyS3 smartphones that have been flashed with GSM rom. To be able to S3, users simply need to download their phone’s stock boot image and flash it via Odin. This should fix the issue and restore the phone to working status. It should be noted that these files are not factory tarballs wherein this won’t work if you need to restore to a stock, unrooted ROM. These fix only the GSM boot image brick issue. As stated, the process is identical but the files are different so be sure you pick up the file for your variant.