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Rogers has pushed a long awaited Ice cream sandwich update for the Motorola Razr users. The update can be downloaded via Kies or OTA. Android's ICS update is now available for Rogers Motorola Razr customers. This update brings a load of new features as users would be upgrading from Gingerbread to 4.0 which has an improved user interface along with various battery performance enhancements.

  If you are an Motorola Razr user, you can download the OTA update for ICS now or connect your device to kies and update to Ice cream sandwich. If you haven't received update notification, you can check manually on your Motorola Razr by going to “System software updates” on settings.

The following are the new features that are included in the ICS 4.0 OTA update for Razr:

Powerful voice input engine Better control over network data Designed for accibility Better sharing Better claendar and voicemail Completely redefined and rich camera capabilities Better gallery with built in photo editor Video transforming effects Better cloud sharing Powerful web browsing Better mail Face unlock WiFi direct and bluetooth HDP

Go ahead and update your devices. Feel free share your experience in the comments section.