After A Week On Android, Vine Surpasses Instagram On Google Play Charts As Top Social App | TechCrunch | Android |
Vine has already clarified just how quickly its userbase is growing, with the announcement that the app had hit 13 million downloads by the time Twitter launched it on Android. This was all just a week ago.




Today, however, we’ve learned that Vine has climbed to the top of the charts on Android as the top social app and the No. 4 free app on Google Play. Instagram is No. 5.


What’s more likely is that Vine users want to share on Twitter because the Vine ecosystem is still growing, and those users want to ensure that their creation gets as many views from friends as possible. Then add to it the fact that Vine launched on Android just around the time that shares surpassed shares, and it’s clear that Vine simply has a growing group of people interested in using the service.

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