Ancient Egypt and Nubia
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Ancient Egypt and Nubia
The history and culture of these mysterious ancient kingdoms.
Curated by Shonda Brock
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All About The World's Pyramids (INFOGRAPHIC) -

All About The World's Pyramids (INFOGRAPHIC) - | Ancient Egypt and Nubia |

Find out what all pyramids around the world have in common, what their purpose was and much more surprising pyramid facts.'s-Pyramids-(INFOGRAPHIC)/6218409


Aladin Fazel's curator insight, July 27, 2013 3:22 AM

just fascinating!!

Rowena ButedHIST1014's curator insight, February 8, 2014 1:22 AM

This article is actually an image of a brief description about the pyramids and how they were built. I am sure that i am not the only person with the impression that slaves or some type of prisoners were used to build the pyramids I actually learned that pyramids were used to ascend the dead to heaven when mummified in the tombs within the pyramids!. 

Scooped by Shonda Brock!


Mummy Facts (INFOGRAPHIC) | Ancient Egypt and Nubia |
Unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt with these revealing mummy facts.

70 Days were required to prepare an ancient Egyptian mummy

63 Tombs have been discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings

7 Shrouds were placed over each mummy

6 Chariots were entombed with King Tut

4 Organs were removed from the body during mummification (the lungs, liver, stomach and intestines)

3 People were involved in the mummification process (an embalmer, a cutter and a scribe)

1 Mummy has been issued his own passport (Ramses II for a trip to France)

0 Cavities were found in King Tut's teeth

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