Paranormal Locations: Africa's Stonehenge | Ancient Egypt and Nubia |

The mysteries of Stonehenge have puzzled scientists and mystics for hundreds of years, but many paranormal fanatics and archaeology enthusiasts are not aware that there is a similar circular stone structure in Africa that is two-thousand years older.


Nabta Playa is located in part of the Nubian Desert in what is now Southern Egypt. The ancient people of this area were drawn here as the Nabta Playa basin formed a lake during the rainy seasons.


Archaeological findings reveal that the people living in this area seemed to be better organized and more advanced than other nearby peoples of the time, leading some to believe that they were aided by alien allies.


Animal sacrifices performed at the location reveal a practicing cattle cult that closely resembles the worship of Hathor, the cow goddess of The Old Kingdom; suggesting Nubia’s religious influence on ancient Egyptian religion.


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