Backbone of Sites The good quality backlinks have characteristics that can assist in maximizing the good quality of your website. The quality of the backlink will catch the attention of the search engine spiders to crawl it, or it can be completely ignored all together. That is why it is the quality of the backlink to your site, not necessarily the quantity of backlinks you have. Quantity Centered Website Link Developing As the backlinks are equivalent to references of a web site, some site owners attempt to generate a lot more quantity of inbound links to their site. Such inbound links are considered to be the backbone of the website's growth cycle. You have to be careful which websites you have linking back to your website. Page rank of the links is extremely important. Preferably, you want PR7-9 if you can find them. These types of links are considered to have higher authority in the eyes of the search engines, particularly Google. When you have a high PR backlink pointing to your website, Google sees your website as something it might want to check out for good content. There are a lot of companies (link farms) that offer a lot of backlinks to your site and tell you that you have to have thousands and thousands of backlinks to even be considered by Google. This is not true. One good quality, high PR backlink (let's say PR9) has more weight than hundreds of PR0-1 links. Many low PR links do not even get crawled, so you wasted your time and money for nothing. The major problem with link farms is that they use automated software that scrapes the web for links and then charges you for whatever they dredge up without verifying the link and whether or not it has quality or if it even works. These types of links do not get you or your SERPs anywhere except a trip to the store for more aspirin. However, there are reputable companies out there who are experienced in building links and providing their customers with quality, high PR backlinks. Once you find a company that can deliver what your site needs to rank, than hold on to them. Sure you can build the links yourself, but it does take time. You also have to keep in mind how many diverse backlinks your site needs to be seen as "authority". These can include .EDU, .GOV, Angela links, profile links, PR9 links, PR4-7 links, etc. Chasing down these types of links can be exhausting. Sometimes it is cheaper in the long run to outsource this type of stuff. If you need help, is a great company that can help you with your link building and SEO for your website. They are professional and can get the job done quickly because they know the ends and outs of where and what kind of links you need to increase your page rank. Keep working at it. All you can do is go up!