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Google+ - Is Water Invisible and Disconcerting to Dementia Patients?…

Google+ - Is Water Invisible and Disconcerting to Dementia Patients?… | Alzheimer's Support |

Lets start with a simple question. Do you have a problem getting an Alzheimer's patient to drink water? Do they say No or refuse to drink water? Many of you will answer yes.

Did you ever wonder why?

Did you ever notice that when an Alzheimer's patient gets in the shower they immediately move to the side so the water doesn't come down on them? In other words, hit them in the head.

When you go into the shower with the water on, do you willing step under the water (assuming you have it at the desired temperature), and put your head under the water? Answer?

Have you ever considered that an Alzheimer's patients can't see water, or at least they don't perceive water the way we do? Is it possible that water is invisible, in a sense, to Alzheimer's patients?

Via Bob DeMarco
Sandy Spencer's insight:

Very interesting topic and assumption. I did read an article about an elderly dementia patient who kept a diary and often spoke of the confusion with trying to turn or adjust water spickets.

She just didn't understand how to turn or maneuver them. She didn't get the concept of adjusting the temp but thought it should only be a matter of ON/OFF. 

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