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Happy People Are Healthier, Too

Happy People Are Healthier, Too | Alzheimer's Support |
People who enjoy life maintain better physical function in their daily activities and keep up faster walking speeds as they age, compared with people who enjoy life less, according to a new study.

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Sandy Williams Spencer's insight:

It's not the first time I've heard this message. And I believe it. If you scan newspapers for all those elders with birthdays in the 90-100, you seldom see any grouchy old men and women. :)

Pacific Cove's curator insight, January 24, 4:05 AM

“The study shows that older people who are happier and enjoy life more show slower declines in physical function as they age,” said lead author Steptoe. “They are less likely to develop impairments in daily activities such as dressing or getting in or out of bed, and their walking speed declines at a slower rate than those who enjoy life less.”

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