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Scottish independence: ‘Finance industry would leave’

Scottish independence: ‘Finance industry would leave’ | Als Return to Education |
ThE financial services industry north of the Border would relocate to England if Scotland votes for independence next year, a senior Conservative has warned at the party conference.
Al Picozzi's insight:

Thie vote could be a major blow to the economy of Scotland.  If the finance industry does leave to England this could leave a new nation very vunerable economically.  Will they be admitted to the EU if there is no finacne industry in the country?  Will other countried recognize Scotland as an independant nation?  What of defense?  Most of the military belongs to Great Britian, will they all leave?  will they stay?  Will Scotland even be allowed to leave, vote of no vote?  Devolution forces are in Scotland, especially historical.  The people might vote for independence, but in this day and age, it is something that must not be taken lightly.

Meagan Harpin's curator insight, October 12, 2013 9:45 PM

This could be a masive blow to Scotlands economy. A buisness minister has warned that the uncertanity of independance could cause companies like the royal bank of scotland to leave the third biggest center for financial services. 

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The Geo-Politics of Military Bases, Empire and Independence

The Geo-Politics of Military Bases, Empire and Independence | Als Return to Education |

The Ministry of Defence’s latest threat to keep Faslane as sovereign territory in the event of Scottish Independence should be seen in the context of Britain’s imperial history of maintaining military bases against the wishes of local people across the world.


Via Peter A Bell
Al Picozzi's insight:

Really interesting news in Geopolitics and devolution.  If Scotland does vote to split form the UK, and if the UK even aloows the vote to mean something, what will happen to all the militray stationed in Scotland?  How about all the UK businesses there?  What will an independant Scotland do? What currency wil they have, the Euro? Will they even get into the EU? Lots of questions to answer here and way to many to list.  Something to think about though isn't it?

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