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Scooped by Al Picozzi!

A Rhode Island School for Wayward Boys Is Itself Reformed

A Rhode Island School for Wayward Boys Is Itself Reformed | Als Return to Education |
The remains of the Sockanosset Training School for Boys in Cranston, R.I., are now the base of a development with retail, residential and commercial space.
Al Picozzi's insight:

An article from back in 2009.  Showing how Cranston was revitalizing the Sockanosset area.  These buildings were "the bad boys school" as I was told when I was growing up.  You can see the original chapel that was kept in the picture above.  The area in now complete and called Chapel Hill.  The dorms were incorporated into the new buildings to keep some of the old architecture.  There is no real downtown in Cranston.  Everytime someone says downtown one thinks of Providence.  Is this an attempt to make a downtown area in Cranston?  I do not htink so, it is an extension of the olf Garden City Shopping Center, that downtown feeling is missing to me.  However it was an attempt to revitalize the area after a number of businesses closed in Garden City.  Did it work?  Seems to be working as the area has attracted new businesses and resturants and construction is still going on!

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Gentrification in overdrive on DC’s 14th Street

Gentrification in overdrive on DC’s 14th Street | Als Return to Education |
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Great Recession and its messy aftermath will go into the record books for many things: jobs lost, household wealth destroyed, foreclosure auctions held.

Via Joe Andrade
Al Picozzi's insight:

Amazing read, especially at the end of the article, when he stated that complaints about parking is a good sign.  I bet it was not a good sign to the people that used to be there that no longer had an affordable place to live.  I understand the need to improve areas, but there has to be some thought, some, about the people that have to leave the area.

Joe Andrade's curator insight, July 30, 2013 8:48 PM

Just another exaple of gentrification going on in the country.