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Rescooped by Al Picozzi from Regional Geography!

A stunning turn that could silence Syria war drums

A stunning turn that could silence Syria war drums | Als Return to Education |
While light on details, a Russian proposal for Syria to turn over chemical weapons shifts the war debate.

Via Seth Dixon
Al Picozzi's insight:

I understand the need to do something and I also understand why Americans do not want to do this.  However I believe something should be done as it seems we all are forgetting our history.  Does anyone remember 9/30/1938.  A speech given by then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain promised "...peace of our time."  He was talking about the Munich Agreement where Hitler promised that Czechoslovakia would be his last territorial grab.  Well we all know what that led to.  We cannot appease or let people get away with actions like this.  If he is allowed to use the gas on his own people whats to stop him from using it on Turkey, Israel or even in the US as part of a terrorist attack.  Just something else to think about .. an old quote which is a paraphrase, those who do not learn history will be doomed to repeat it.

Seth Dixon's curator insight, September 10, 2013 10:36 AM

The world is waiting to see how the drama in the Middle East unfolds. 

Scooped by Al Picozzi!

Looking at the Battle of Gettysburg Through Robert E. Lee’s Eyes

Looking at the Battle of Gettysburg Through Robert E. Lee’s Eyes | Als Return to Education |
Anne Kelly Knowles, the winner of Smithsonian American Ingenuity Awards, uses GIS technology to change our view of history
Al Picozzi's insight:

Great piece of information on how GIS can be used to change, or at least offer, a different explanation of why something happened.  On day 2 of Gettysburg Longstreet was ordered to attack the lrdt of the Union line, Little and Big Roundtop.  Lee wanted to attack early, but Longstreet was not in position until about 4:00pm.  As shown by GIS Lee could not have seen why based on his position.  He also could not see the numbers that were against him in that position.  Lee was actually outnumbered when Longstreet attacked.  Longsreet also had to march a longer way to keep his troop from fire. This new information shows that Lee, who was brillant for most of the Civil War, made a mistake becasue he just could not see what was there, he did not know what forces were against Longstreet.  Imagine today with our instant communication how GIS and help commanders today determine where to place troops, defenses, etc. 

 Take a look here for further insight on GIS and Gettysburg.




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