After 17-year wait, cicadas appear again in Staten Island | Almanac Pests |

Population of adult periodical Cicadae will occure from mid-to-late May 2013 (they occured in 1979 and 1996 & the next occurence will be in 2030). Staten Islanders will start to notice the noisy critters as millions dig their way out from a depth of about 18 inches. Once they emerge, the cicadas split their nymphal skins after feeding on tree-root sap for 17 years to become mature, winged adults.

The males waste no time looking for romance; their distinctive "singing" will continue throughout June. Waiting females hang back and listen for a male's song that particularly impresses them before choosing a mate.

"Please pass the earplugs: Cicadas set to announce their first arrival since 1996 ..."