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Almanac Pests
Plant pests of current importance (potential or existing risk for the European region)
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Hops without pests & diseases

Hops without pests & diseases | Almanac Pests |
RT @Britishhops: @Jimthebrewer @CharlesFaram For more info about Hop Stunt Viroid and its impact see:

Hop plants may be cropped for over 20 years, so it important that the original planting is free from debilitating virus and viroid disease (some of them symptomless). Specialist hop propagators, located outside the main hop growing regions, supply certified disease free stock under an official approval scheme.

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See news from main UK hop varieties breeder:


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Lethal strain of Verticillium albo-atrum causing hop wilting - control measures in Slovenia

Resistance research:


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Plant Disease - First report of Hop stunt viroid infecting hop in Europe

Plant Disease - First report of Hop stunt viroid infecting hop in Europe | Almanac Pests |

Diseased stunted hop plants occure along the row (S. Radisek, 2011)

Hop stunt viroid (HSVd) infection has been observed in several hop fields (Humulus lupulus) with the varieties Celeia, Bobek and Aurora, in Slovenia in last years, but it has been only recently confirmed by two laboratories.

The symptoms included stunting, leaf curl, small cone formation and dry root rot. In the first year of finding the disease, the incidence varied from 1-30% and increased rapidly (by up to 10%) each subsequent year, predominantly along plant rows.

Using molecular methods labs finnaly identified HSVd, which belongs to the Hostuviroid genus, Pospiviroidae family and has been previously reported in hops in Japan, South Korea, North America and China.

This is the first report of the detection of HSVd on hops in Europe. Strict phytosanitary measures have been taken to prevent further spread and to eradicate HSVd infections.

Radisek et al. (2012) First report of Hop stunt viroid infecting hop in Slovenia.- Plant Disease

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