Sell Digital Products Straight From Your Folders: Sellbox Turns Dropbox Into an Ecommerce Platform | AllAboutSocialMedia |

"Several startups tackling one-click online selling, letting users sell content with a link rather than a storefront. Based in Poznań, Poland, Sellbox is giving people a way to monetize the content in their Dropbox folder.


The company lets users set a price for Dropbox files, share a link to those files with their social networks, and process payments through PayPal. Founded in February 2012 and launched earlier this month, Sellbox is looking to become the go-to place for people looking to sell their online content.

The idea is simple – Sellbox turns Dropbox into an ecommerce platform. After connecting their Dropbox account, users select the files they want to sell, then set a file name and price. Sellers can share their files on Twitter or Facebook or via a shortened link, and buyers can pay for the files via PayPal. When a file is sold, the seller gets 91 percent of the sale and Sellbox keeps the remaining nine percent."

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Via Nebojsa Stojanovic, Robin Good