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Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from Startup Revolution!

Why Startups Should Have At Least One

Why Startups Should Have At Least One | All Things |

Marty's Story
About a week after starting as Atlantic BT's, largest web dev shop in Triangle area of NC, new Marketing Director my boss & founder / CEO Jon Jordan asked me, "What's this" thing.

Jon's displeasure was obvious. I explained how is a "get more, do less" content curation tool. Jon said, "It doesn't look like us," and I had to agree. My question back to Jon was, "Is 'looking like us' important," and you can guess is initial response.

To his credit, Jon asked me to do an analysis before shooting the limping horse. I also related our previous conversation about the "creation of a commons". On my second day as Marketing Director for ABT Jon and Mark Foulkrod, then COO, confessed a concern.

"We think you will steal from us," Mark said straight out (that is the way Mark is). The comment surprised me so I asked the right question. "Why are you worried and what do you think I will 'steal","I asked.

Jon shared the story of a previous employee who "blogged for himself on our dime". I never met the person, but I explained ABT had little or nothing I could "steal".

It was my turn to shock them. I shared how, at that time, ABT's Klout score was 19 while mine was 45. Together, I went on to explain, we were stronger than either apart. We would create a commons mingling my content, ABT's and curating in other content from gurus, thought leaders and ABT customers to create a "rising tide" sure to lift their online reputation boat and mine.

"You will gain more if only due to our starting points," I shared. At the end of my tenure (December 2013) ABT's Klout score was 50, a 233% increase. Mine was 65, a 44% bump. and were MAJOR contributors to the rising tide of ABT's commons. helped test content marketing ideas and creates more community faster for LESS work than any tool I know or use (and I use a passel of 'em). The brilliance behind, that they present an algorithm filter of content you've already shared and or mashup, makes it the GREATEST and must under utilized (and just about the cheapest) content curation tool.

Startups are so WIDGET FOCUSED they don't think about the day they want to share their widget with the world. is guaranteed to make "sharing day" easier and for the cost of...well just about NOTHING a startup receives a powerful ally. If you are a starutp or Internet marketer and DON'T use my friends in Switzerland's coolest tool since sliced bed you are nuts.

Oh, btw, when I shared data showing was the most powerful community generation tool we had Jon and Mark didn't care if it "looked like us" or not (lol).

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Kelly Hungerford's comment, July 24, 2014 4:23 PM
Marty, you're awesome! If only we had had custom CSS and branding options back then... we could have branded a paper to fit their look and feel. LOL. You continue to be one of our greatest champions of not only, but how and can work together in a marketing strategy to build presence, community and get some work done. Thank you for that. In fact, I think a post is in order. You always inspire Marty, thank you!
Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from BI Revolution! AND More Powerful Together Than Either Alone AND More Powerful Together Than Either Alone | All Things |
Why is Scoop It Kicking Paper Li's Rear End?

Isn't it the same concept? You create your own online newspaper. Why is Scoop It generating so much more…

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

This is a great discussion that was started by Jesse Wojdylo yesterday. It's a topic that often comes up, or has come up, since the beginning of our service time together. 


Do I see and as competitors? No, I see them as completitors - complimentary services in the same arena. 


Great insight from power user Marty Smith on why he likes and uses both. 

Brad Tollefson's curator insight, May 22, 2013 8:28 PM

Looking into ...

Kelly Hungerford's comment, June 13, 2013 4:26 AM
Howard, can you point me to your how-to? Much appreciated.
Kelly Hungerford's comment, June 13, 2013 4:30 AM
Dolly,thanks for your comment. Indeed for someone who truly want so collect and add commentary, is the service. And I would even go as far as to say to tell as story, then Storify.
Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Why Brands Should Sponsor TweetChats or Engage, and Be Prepared to Wow Yourself

Why Brands Should Sponsor TweetChats or Engage, and Be Prepared to Wow Yourself | All Things |
Note from Mack: This is a Guest Post from’s Community Manager, Kelly Hungerford.  This post is technically part of’s sponsorship of #Blogchat last month, and I told Ke...
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Have you ever planned a promotion or event expecting one campaign, and then been completely blown away by another? 


One of the greatest takeaways from my experience with December's #Blogchat sponsorship is don't understimate your community! Give them a reason to love you and they will -- and beyond all logic and rational thinking! 


Not to be overlooked: the entire organization can benefit from a TweetChat. Here's how: 

as a Brand it is the opportunity to learn first hand what the community thinks about your product or serviceas a Marketer it's a new way to generate interest and leadsas a Product Manager, it's an opportunity to understand what's needed, required, desired to evolve the product - from the users themselves!as a Social Media Manager, it's an opportunity to refine skills and better understand which channels and tools the community is usingas a Customer Care representative it's an opportunity to meet the community and interact without a ticket, issue, or bug between you and provide a service on demandas a member of PR, it's an opportunity to be involved in the conversation where it's happening and off your owned mediaas a Community Manager it's the opportunity to interact with awesome people, strengthen relationships with the community and build new bridges

I can highly recommend Mack's #blogchat sponsorships. He goes above and beyond what most marketers do to make it an absolute win for everyone - you, him and both communities. 


If you have questions about the time investment and pre/post preparation, don't hesitate to contact me. 

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Market Your Expertise with

Market Your Expertise with | All Things |
Blogging is a great way to establish and market yourself as an expert. However, there is only so much you can write on a topic in a time period. This is where content curation comes into play. Besi...
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Blogging is a great way to establish and market yourself as an expert. And so is curating content. 

Publisher Dan Galante explains the benefits of smart aggregation and curation to his communiy and share how helps to support his Sales & Marketing activities. 


Thanks Dan for the write-up and sharing your insight. 

Kelly Hungerford's comment, February 5, 2013 1:10 PM
Scooped by Kelly Hungerford! New Responsive Design Paper View New Responsive Design Paper View | All Things |
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Did you hear the news? We launched a new look and feel based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework and CSS media queries. Result? Improved look and feel and responsive design across devices. 



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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Social media news: Multi-Share

Social media news: Multi-Share | All Things |

Here is a quick roundup of some of the latest happenings in the social media world."

Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Have you ever wished you could send a bundle of articles in a tweet instead of just one? 


In December we launched the Multi-share, a feature that allows anyone to curate content collections from the front page of a paper to share across networks. 


I think it is a fantastic and fresh new ways to distribute and discover "bundles" of relevent content from a paper, without sharing the entire paper itself. (I would say this even if I didn't work for


Thanks to Cendrine Marrouat for the write up!



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Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from Social Marketing Revolution!

Q: Is Your Blog Ready for 2013? A: No

Q: Is Your Blog Ready for 2013? A: No | All Things |
Click here to edit the content...
Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

I saw this tweet today from Marty and laughed. He's got such a great sense of humor. I highly doubt that his blog isn't ready for 2013. From what I enjoy from his blogs, he is the master of content and keeping readers loyal, so my guess is that he's got it all under control. 


But in any case, we hope to see him and anyone who wants to exchange ideas, tips and best practices as well as share in some festive seasonal fun! joined forces with Mack Collier's #blogchat for the month of December and we've been having a blast. It's an early wake-up call for Switzerland - 3am, but it's well worth it! Join us and check it out!



Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 11, 2012 8:58 AM

Great post from my friends at (@SmallRivers) on how to get your blog ready for all the new stuff happening now and in 2013. Is your blog ready for 2013? Not until you've read this excellent post from 

Kelly Hungerford's comment, December 11, 2012 2:54 PM
Thanks Marty, much appreciated. We're having such a great time with Mack and the #blogchat community. There is amazing knowledge share and fun going on and it's been an incredibly rewarding experiencing bringing the two communities together and I'm learning a ton. Join us if you can!
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 15, 2012 8:27 AM

I previously curated this piece into Curation Revoluiton, but, on the eve of Christmas, I'm moving it to Startup Revolution because startups need to focus on making content as strategic as every other aspect of their marketing. If you are a startup is your blog/content strategy ready for Christmas?

Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from BI Revolution!

Online Sales Soar, Living Social Fires 400 and How to Get the Most out of Your Content

Online Sales Soar, Living Social Fires 400 and How to Get the Most out of Your Content | All Things |

Two questions:


1) Are you getting the most out of the channels and resources you use, and

2) How do you create conversations around content on social media? 


Anyone who knows Marty knows that he rules the digital landscape when it comes to leveraging multiple channels to hold conversations with his audience and fans.  Of course you're thinking "this is nothing new - we're all doing that, right?" via Blogs,,, FB, Twitter, Linkedin...(and the list goes on).


Maybe you are. I am, but not always that well. And not like Marty. 


Marty is able to effortlessly conduct conversations, create ideas and facilitate exchange across multiple channels, leveraging multiple services -- and at a sustainable pace.


Wherever I am, Marty is there too always with a consistant theme and great content that is relevant to me. I am always amazed at how effortlessly he does this.


So this morning at 4:00am I ran across this example. I's just one of may I come across from daily from Marty. And it's a really simple one; Marty using to monitor and scout news, then scooping it into his magazine and adding commentary and/or a Marty note. 



Marty is a great example of how excellent social media and sharing can be --and how simple and efficient it can be.   Alone, this Marty note is a great example of 1) one way to monitor with to  2) curate the content into another channel, and 3) get the most out of the services you are using to 4) create interesting content for your audience and 5) get people commenting -even at 4am in the morning! 


Thanks Marty! 


Kelly note: If you're not following Marty, I recommend you do. You'll learn a lot more than digital marketing and curation from him. 



Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, November 29, 2012 8:09 AM

Sometimes the magical tool @SmallRivers created ( creates an interesting juxtaposition. Today's Online Sales Go Crazy headline created an interesting contrast with Living Social, the Groupon competitor, laying off 400. 

Online sales growth may speak as much to how poorly retailers understand their customers now. Read my Open Letter To American Retailers from Shoppers for more on this problem.  

The Groupon & Living Social Problem 

Trained as a brand marketer I would NEVER do what Groupon or Living Social suggests. To institute a 50% price cut in te hope of building your brand's awareness is madness because:

  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is destroyed.  
  • Attack one and done bottom feeders.
  • Smack loyal customers and brand advocates.
  • Create an unrecoverable wobble.

This last bullet is the most damaging. Once you put information such as our real price should be 50% off in the market you create a violent wobble. This wobble can vibrate to the point where there is no brand left. My best advice as a 30 year marketer trained by P&G and M&M/Mars? Don't do that :). 

Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Interview to Kelly Hungerford, Community and Social Media Manager at | Xantipus Consulting Blog

Interview to Kelly Hungerford, Community and Social Media Manager at | Xantipus Consulting Blog | All Things |

A few weeks back Jorge Sanchez from Xantipus asked to interview me as a part of a series that will be published over the coming months on Social Media Professionals in Switzerland.


I really enjoyed taking part and it was a great time to reflect on how I got to where I am, personally and professionaly. It was not a path anticipated or calculated but one that has been extremely rewarding. 


Sometimes life dishes up the unexpected, so be sure to latch on and let it take you somewhere unexpected. 


As expected, I give weigh in with


5 ways businesses can leverage

- Monitoring

- Building an audience

- Thought leadership

- Community building

- Conent marketing


Qualities and skillsets needed to help Community Managers Community Manager

- customer centric focus

- stress resistant/resilient

- problem solving

- humor

- humility 


Thanks to Jorge for the opportunity to share my knoweldge and experience with his community!







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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Tech Journal: The Best Sites for Personalized News

Tech Journal: The Best Sites for Personalized News | All Things |

Amit Agarwal takes a look at some of the best websites and apps for creating your own personalized online newspapers. He lists a lot of great services depending on needs.


Amit, I agree: if a is not in top form, it shouldn't be tweeted daily with the automated promo-tweet!

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

How to Choose the Key Analytics to Make Money With Your Blog – For Bloggers By Bloggers

This is a great post by Danny Brown VP, Product Intelligence at Jugnoo, Inc. He provides great insight to how you can monitze your blog . 


Very useful post!

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Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from Brand & Content Curation!

Paper.Li: Clever Curation or Spammy Automation?

Paper.Li: Clever Curation or Spammy Automation? | All Things |

Does Paper.Li add any value to our collective digital lives? At this point, I think the answer has to be no. In a world where we are, to quote Paper.Li, “awash in information,” the greatest content challenge we all face is sifting through the rushing waters of information to find the little specks of gold. Paper.Li is but another tributary feeding the rapids of information, adding repetitive and randomly selected content to a world that already has too much of both.

Paper.Li might have potential in the future. Heavy hitters such as Guy Kawsaki and Eric Hippeau are on board, so hopefully Paper.Li will have the resources and innovation needed to take its product to the next level.

Via The New Company
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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

How to Grow Your Twitter Following with

Every service loves when their community gets involved. is no different.


This morning we woke up to Rich Brook's video tutorial on how to use to grow a following on Twitter.


Rich is beginning to promote his event for the upcoming "Agents of Change" conference that will take place this summer in Maine. 


Rich walks through the steps of how to create a and how will help create awareness on Twitter for your event.  


More details on the event are here.

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

You validate curation business model, secures more funding

You validate curation business model, secures more funding | All Things |
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Exciting times ahead for users and our team. We secured a fresh round of investment that will allow us to accelerate pace on giving our users; smallbiz owners, non-profit marketers, researchers and educators.. more of the tools they need to acheive their goals. 



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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

100 Content Marketing Tools for PR: From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation

100 Content Marketing Tools for PR: From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation | All Things |

100 sites to help you build your social newsroom. 

Kelly Hungerford's insight:

We have entered the age of the "Me Enterprise" and being our own social newsroom is an essential part of our daily work routine. How do you source, publish and promote the news relevant to your internal and external audiences? 


Here's a comprehensive list of 100 services that help PR professionals. I would stretch that category and say they are useful to anyone who is at the front line of publishing - we're all editors now and the online world is our social newsroom. How do you manage yours? 


Here are four services I use daily and I've found after two years of experimenting, I can get away with just these four, but am hard pressed to do as much as I do on a daily basis with less.  


As expected, is at the top of my list. Here's how I do more with less (thanks Marty Smith for the inspiration - love that line!)




-monitoring: I can use as a personal, or team monitoring tool. It allows me to quickly, and easily aggregate the news I need on topics, trends or industry via mulitple news feeds source in order to gain social intelligence on topics, trends, industry, people, compeitors. It compliments traditional intel within the organization to give a full picture around a topic. 


-sourcing: from my paper(s) I can scan and quickly find engaging and relevant content to share with communities. 


-distribution: quickly surfaces the most relevant content and if there is something I don't find, but would like it included, I can curate it in by hand and distribute an email newsletter to anyone subscribed. As well as I can share papers with communities across social networks but as an intel tool, the automation of topic or industry relevant information, daily, is key. 


-engagement: not only can I use this as an intelligence tool, but with a paper laser focused, the content is relevent to external audiences and stands alone as a viable inbound marketing tactic(tool) to attract the right audience of like-minded people. 


The one thing that would top of the service is an integration with buffer or another scheduling tool. That would save me a step in my routine. As you can imagine, I'm on top of our team to get that implemented! 


2. Hootsuite: 


It is essential to be able to schedule information for consumption across networks. Hootsuite is one of the most affodabe tools available to help you distribute your news to the right audiences at the right times


3. Savepublishing:


Essential to anyone who manages and administers social networks. It identifies shareble (in length) tweetable phases within a body of text. It is an invaluable tool!


4. Your own blog, or 


Every editor in chief needs a place to call home. If you don't have your own blog, then is an amazing place to call home. It allows you to not only build your web presence and establish yourself as a thought-leader within a niche or domain, but it also serves as a quasi-blog for those who don't have the time, or yet the desire, to maintain their own blog. 



These four tools are all I need. What does your social newsroom look like? Can you do more with less? 


Mercor's curator insight, February 8, 2013 6:58 AM

Rescooped by Ricard Lloria from Thank you Revolution ontoBussines Improvement and Social media

malek's curator insight, March 7, 2013 10:31 AM

Everyday new curation front.

Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Drive Traffic Using Content Curation Tools

Drive Traffic Using Content Curation Tools | All Things |
Those of us with websites are always thinking of ways to drive traffic there. We want to share information. We put a lot of effort into keeping our sites current, so that we can share it with other...
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Be More Visible hits the nail on the head with a trilogy of tools that work fantastically well together to increase visibility and drive traffic; Storify, and use it as a monitoring tool and automatically generate relevant news on any topic or use it to support your content marketing strategy. It's an efficient tool and time saver - let it do the heavy "content" lifting for you - you take it from there.'s great at extending your web presence and establishing thought leadership on a topic.

Storify: quickly turn content into stories. I like using it to gathter quoatables on Twitter. 

The three are great stand-alone tools, but they also compliment each really well. Here's are two examples of how I use the tools together. - 

I use my as a MONITORING tool, and then SCOOP articles and content of interest into my Mag on

This "All Things" is an example. Instead of checking Google news, alerts, RSS, daily, I go to my paper and check what's new then decide from there where the content goes: a tweet, an editorial calender for blog posts, my   It saves me time from scouring the web. 

It's quick, easy and efficient way to stay on top of news. Storify: 

I use very often to creating Event Papers. I love using the service to build awareness moving up to an event, covering what's happening during the event and then posting the "best of" after the event.

During the event I always create a Storify to capture what's happening and share that during and after.

I love Storify for captuing what I call "quoatables" - tweets that can be used to give context about the event, highlight great speakers and convey the emotion and energy of the event. I also make Storify's for ÎweetChats. They are great for sparking ideas for blogposts! 


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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Most Viewed Posts in 2012 - Community Blog

Most Viewed Posts in 2012 - Community Blog | All Things |
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

2012 marked the first full year of the Community Blog. I started this blog in the summer of 2010 with a simple goal; to shine the spotlight on the amazing people we have in our community.

I wanted a place where we could share the knowledge of our own community with the community and beyond.  

This blog has been blessed with amazing contributions from the community and this year's success blew my socks off. If you haven't taken the time to read some of the posts, I've listed the top 15 in Interviews and How-tos for the year. 


Thanks to all of you who contributed and to Stephanie Booth, Liz Wilson and Evren Kiefer for generously contributing time and expertise.  


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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Look What's New! Curated Email Newsletters

Look What's New! Curated Email Newsletters | All Things |
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Back in November we launched what I think is one of the best features has going: the curated email newsletter. Here's why:


The curated email newsletter extracts the entire front page of your paper and distributes it to the inbox of subscribers with every new edition. This is great for publishers who take the time to fine-tune their content, ensuring that articles, images and videos are on topic, but even BETTER for subscribers to that email. 


The curated email is like a recieving a visual RSS , daily. 


For publishers we've added the ability to export the html code so you can use it with your 3rd party email client. Additionally, we've just added a csv file upload so you can import up to 10k contacts to invite to your paper. 


Publishers that are using this feature and receiving raving reviews from their subscribers for providing top quality, topic specific content on a daily basis. 


Talk about service! 


The curated email newsletter is a Pro service. 

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise

Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise | All Things |
In an increasingly noisy digital world, marketers can stand out by producing visual content that engages communities. Here's a quick look at the different types of visual content.
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

"Our customers are hungry for good content. They expect it to be presented in a snackable and quickly-consumable format. So how should marketers engage their communities through the use of visuals?"


This is a great post by Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina) on the power of visual images not only to build communities but to cut through social noise and clutter. 


P.S. Ektaterina has one of the most successful Social Media papers on the newsstand. Well worth checking out. 


Hot tip! Ektaterina's new book, Think Like Zuck is outstanding and available for pre-order.  I had the pleasure of receiving an early manuscript and highly recommend you add it to your 2013 must reads. It's not a FB only book. She explores entrepreneurship and its success factors. Fascinating read. 





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8 Best Paper.Li for Teachers Always Prepped Blog

I always love finding curated posts on and especially when they list educational papers. We have so many publishers curating for in the classroom, amongst peers and for departments. 


This is a list of 8 Paper.lis for teachers. If you know of a paper that's being used for education conact @alwaysprepped and let them know!



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Social curation is much more than just a market

Social curation is much more than just a market | All Things |

We're all Hyper-Librarians, and it was planned that way. 


Is curation a legitimate trend, a new market to be exploited, a buzzword or just an innate behavior enabled by new technologies and a slew of services?


Take the time to read the last two links Patrice Lamothe's, The Web's Third Frontier and the other to the WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project. 


Patrice states in his article that curation is a natural evolution of the Proposal for a HyperText Project. The overall objectives being:


1- Allow anyone to access any type of document

2- Allow everyone to disseminate their own documents

3- Allow everyone to organize the entire collection of documents


Where as Web 1.0 and 2.0 are covered in the first two points, we are now entering the 3rd frontier - curation. 


Great reads. 









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The Deep-Sea Resources Sigils | Red (team) Analysis

The Deep-Sea Resources Sigils | Red (team) Analysis | All Things |

I really enjoy the Daily papers and the series that Hélène Lavoix and the Red (team) Analyis publish.


The Deep- Sea Resources Sigils is a part of The Sigils, a series of Daily papers scanning the horizon for weak signals related to various issues relevant to teh security of societies, policies, nations and citizens. 







Helene Lavoix's comment, June 8, 2012 4:59 AM
Thanks Kelly :)!!!!
Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Social media practices gone wrong: A case study

Social media practices gone wrong: A case study | All Things |

Here's a great case study about Twitter citizen and publisher and her experience when "social media" went wrong.  


The cast:

A News Spotter

A Publisher


A community of commenters


How do you handle uncomfortable Social Media situations?  Do you have best practices or communication tips to share?



Cendrine Marrouat -'s comment, May 17, 2012 4:50 PM
Thank you for sharing, Kelly!
Kelly Hungerford's comment, May 18, 2012 4:34 AM
That's what community is all about Cendrine. It is not only my job to reach out, lend a hand and educate where I can -- it's my pleasure!

Without our publishers, we would not have a service. It is every companies duty to support their community. We saw overwhelming support when we needed it during a terribly difficult time in March.

We truly appreciate the entire community and eco-system of actors that are involved in the community; publishers, news spotters, content creators and readers!

We will always do our best to go the extra mile. I know that you were disappointed that Storify did not pull the story. We are sometime faced with the same requests and it isn't easy. It was clear through the commenting though that although the story published was negative in tone, that the community was rallying around you. And ultimately, the dueness is on us to try to help support you and educate Steve on our process.

The Storify team is great and I really like their service. I am happy to know that they reach out as well.

Keep up the great publishing and thanks for taking part of the community blog and sharing tips and advice. The community really benefits and my hope is that more community members will share their tips as well!
Cendrine Marrouat -'s comment, May 18, 2012 12:14 PM
Hello Kelly, thank you for your thorough response.

Of course, I am glad Storify reached out. And I understand that it is sometimes difficult to pull out a story. But in this particular case, I think the platform should have, at least, a way of allowing users to report stories.

Thank you for everything, once again!
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Shashi Bellamkonda: Small Business and Big Dreams | The People Behind the Paper.lis

Shashi Bellamkonda: Small Business and Big Dreams | The People Behind the Paper.lis | All Things |

For our Expert Interview series we caught up with Shashi Bellamkonda,  Senior Director of Social Media at, based in Jacksonville, Florida. is the parent of Network Solutions, a company helping small businesses establish an online presence and conduct online marketing.




4 first steps to get small businesses active in social media


1. listen to your customers

2. engage with them

3. contribute helpful information

4. build your community


Examples of how his company is engaging with their base, and how can play a role. 


The scoop on his food blog! 





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Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from Socialdigitalnews!

Comment utiliser selon vos besoins.

Comment utiliser selon vos besoins. | All Things | est un service d’agrégation de contenus postés sur Twitter. A la manière de Netvibes ou de Google Reader pour les flux RSS, vous permet de construire un journal en ligne (d’où le nom « paper ») qui reprend les tweets les plus importants de votre compte personnel, de vos followers, de vos listes ou de certains tags et les présente de façon très conviviale.

Via Digitalhub
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