Nigel Cameron: Twitter is for "Reciprocal Curation" but Leaders Don't Get It | All Things |

Nigel Cameron takes to task business leaders who do not "get" Twitter for their lack of foresight and failure to grasp the huge potential of the social network.


A strategic advisor and futurist, Nigel is a strong advocate of using Twitter for what he terms reciprocal curation - we could also call it mutual learning or knowledge sharing. 


He highlights the fact that many CEOs, CIOs and "generally clued-up people" do not use Twitter nor see how to do so - they are "living in the dark ages". 


In this interview he talks about how Twitter can be used as a learning network and gives some examples of leaders who do use it well.


I felt privileged to interview Nigel on this topic and I am convinced he sees potential that many of our other leaders and decision-makers are missing.  

Via Liz Wilson