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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Look What's New! Curated Email Newsletters

Look What's New! Curated Email Newsletters | All Things |
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Back in November we launched what I think is one of the best features has going: the curated email newsletter. Here's why:


The curated email newsletter extracts the entire front page of your paper and distributes it to the inbox of subscribers with every new edition. This is great for publishers who take the time to fine-tune their content, ensuring that articles, images and videos are on topic, but even BETTER for subscribers to that email. 


The curated email is like a recieving a visual RSS , daily. 


For publishers we've added the ability to export the html code so you can use it with your 3rd party email client. Additionally, we've just added a csv file upload so you can import up to 10k contacts to invite to your paper. 


Publishers that are using this feature and receiving raving reviews from their subscribers for providing top quality, topic specific content on a daily basis. 


Talk about service! 


The curated email newsletter is a Pro service. 

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

31 apps that make news reading better

31 apps that make news reading better | All Things |

"There is an ocean of apps to 'improve' your tablet reading experience" and TheGlobeand has put together an great overview on how we read news in the 21st century. 


They've broken down the apps into the following areas and there were a few new ones I hadn't yet heard about. Thanks TheGlobeandMail.


1. Visual

2. Curated

3. RSS

4. Headline aggregators

5. Magazine reading

6. Social

7. Crowdsourced

8. Specialty


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