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100 Content Marketing Tools for PR: From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation

100 Content Marketing Tools for PR: From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation | All Things |

100 sites to help you build your social newsroom. 

Kelly Hungerford's insight:

We have entered the age of the "Me Enterprise" and being our own social newsroom is an essential part of our daily work routine. How do you source, publish and promote the news relevant to your internal and external audiences? 


Here's a comprehensive list of 100 services that help PR professionals. I would stretch that category and say they are useful to anyone who is at the front line of publishing - we're all editors now and the online world is our social newsroom. How do you manage yours? 


Here are four services I use daily and I've found after two years of experimenting, I can get away with just these four, but am hard pressed to do as much as I do on a daily basis with less.  


As expected, is at the top of my list. Here's how I do more with less (thanks Marty Smith for the inspiration - love that line!)




-monitoring: I can use as a personal, or team monitoring tool. It allows me to quickly, and easily aggregate the news I need on topics, trends or industry via mulitple news feeds source in order to gain social intelligence on topics, trends, industry, people, compeitors. It compliments traditional intel within the organization to give a full picture around a topic. 


-sourcing: from my paper(s) I can scan and quickly find engaging and relevant content to share with communities. 


-distribution: quickly surfaces the most relevant content and if there is something I don't find, but would like it included, I can curate it in by hand and distribute an email newsletter to anyone subscribed. As well as I can share papers with communities across social networks but as an intel tool, the automation of topic or industry relevant information, daily, is key. 


-engagement: not only can I use this as an intelligence tool, but with a paper laser focused, the content is relevent to external audiences and stands alone as a viable inbound marketing tactic(tool) to attract the right audience of like-minded people. 


The one thing that would top of the service is an integration with buffer or another scheduling tool. That would save me a step in my routine. As you can imagine, I'm on top of our team to get that implemented! 


2. Hootsuite: 


It is essential to be able to schedule information for consumption across networks. Hootsuite is one of the most affodabe tools available to help you distribute your news to the right audiences at the right times


3. Savepublishing:


Essential to anyone who manages and administers social networks. It identifies shareble (in length) tweetable phases within a body of text. It is an invaluable tool!


4. Your own blog, or 


Every editor in chief needs a place to call home. If you don't have your own blog, then is an amazing place to call home. It allows you to not only build your web presence and establish yourself as a thought-leader within a niche or domain, but it also serves as a quasi-blog for those who don't have the time, or yet the desire, to maintain their own blog. 



These four tools are all I need. What does your social newsroom look like? Can you do more with less? 


Kelly Hungerford's comment, January 31, 2013 2:26 PM
Marty, I'm happy to get you started! Let me know how I can help. The Cure Cancer Starter is an amazing project and there is so much to share!
Mercor's curator insight, February 8, 2013 6:58 AM

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malek's curator insight, March 7, 2013 10:31 AM

Everyday new curation front.

Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

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