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Two questions:


1) Are you getting the most out of the channels and resources you use, and

2) How do you create conversations around content on social media? 


Anyone who knows Marty knows that he rules the digital landscape when it comes to leveraging multiple channels to hold conversations with his audience and fans.  Of course you're thinking "this is nothing new - we're all doing that, right?" via Blogs,,, FB, Twitter, Linkedin...(and the list goes on).


Maybe you are. I am, but not always that well. And not like Marty. 


Marty is able to effortlessly conduct conversations, create ideas and facilitate exchange across multiple channels, leveraging multiple services -- and at a sustainable pace.


Wherever I am, Marty is there too always with a consistant theme and great content that is relevant to me. I am always amazed at how effortlessly he does this.


So this morning at 4:00am I ran across this example. I's just one of may I come across from daily from Marty. And it's a really simple one; Marty using to monitor and scout news, then scooping it into his magazine and adding commentary and/or a Marty note. 



Marty is a great example of how excellent social media and sharing can be --and how simple and efficient it can be.   Alone, this Marty note is a great example of 1) one way to monitor with to  2) curate the content into another channel, and 3) get the most out of the services you are using to 4) create interesting content for your audience and 5) get people commenting -even at 4am in the morning! 


Thanks Marty! 


Kelly note: If you're not following Marty, I recommend you do. You'll learn a lot more than digital marketing and curation from him. 



Via Martin (Marty) Smith