Some Like it Cold: effects of global warming | All Things Geography |

Polar regions have suffered dramatically the consequences of global warming: ice melting, rising temperatures and the consequent transformation of flora and fauna are just few of the deep changes that marked these regions in an irreversible manner and will influence future human life and activities.
This visualization aims to highlight the main factors that have brought these changes. The top graph shows the relationships data between temperature, carbon dioxide concentration & sea-ice in the last century- we have then developed two different future trends.
The polar regions system map, designed as the structure of an ice crystal, shows the complex tangle of relationships and flows, highlighting the importance of each element for the whole system's balance.
Ice is in the centre of the visualization, as it’s the core of the entire polar environment and influences all other characters, while on the top are greenhouse gases- the primary responsible of increasing temperature and of climatic mutation in Arctic and Antarctic.
The analysis shows crearly how polar regions heavily suffer a phenomenon to which they contribute minimally, but provoking chilling consequences which involve the whole world...

Via Lauren Moss