This video and article and download full report is from Deloitte Consulting. It is timely and relevant!, If you're wondering what social business is all about and how it relates to your business, you'll find lots of insights to help you understand and act on this information for your business today.


Here is an excerpt from a response by Sandy Petland from MIT Labs that gives you just a glimpse into what you'll find in this material:.


"Social business is built on top of social networks, which most organizations already have in place.


For years I've been studying connection science” – studying how relationships and personal interactions shape society and business.


**Social business is a manifestation of that thinking, with companies transforming how they organize and operate based on


individual roles, social networks and the power of connections.


**Social business can have huge potential inside and outside the enterprise, across employees, customers, prospects and business partners.


Here is a takeaway that caught my attention:


Start at the beginning -


**Map the individuals in your potential social networks


**know what behaviors you are trying to affect and how you might meaningfully engage these into persistent communities


**Use this information to guide the development of tools, roadmaps and roll-out plans – not the other way around.


**Focus on results that can be measurable and attributable



Selected by Jan Gordon coveriing  "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


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