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Rescooped by Shirley Williams ( from Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0!

Engagement Publishing is the New Content Marketing - Here's Why - John Battelle

Engagement Publishing is the New Content Marketing - Here's Why - John Battelle | All Things Curation |

I selected this piece today because it is timely and relevant, social media is part of the equation but the focus should be on social business, which is the bigger picture. It's important to package your content and repurpose it to fit the social network(s) where your audience resides. This interview talks about   


In this interview with McKinsey and Compay, John Battelle, founder & chairman of Federated Media Publishing says.....


**Marketers need to shift their mindset from being a publisher to engaging an audience.


To paraphrase:


Marketers are starting to see an ecosystem of paid, owned and earned media that they're very interested in feeding through social interactions and content marketing.


Here's what caught my attention:


Marketers have always created content, print and radio ads, 30-second spots, display banners


****But they never have really seen these elements as an integrated corpus of content living in a digitally driven ecosystem


**Marketers need to become engagement publishers


**"Increasingly, [marketers] are realizing that this social media space involves an ongoing conversation. Assets never really go away."


**Building conversation “inventory” at scale


I agree that all brands probably should be on Facebook, but what you really need is an integrated strategy that has – at its root – the brand's own domain, independent from any platform other than the Internet itself.


Measuring the success of conversational engagement


These things are very hard to directly measure from a simple click. And often, as we know, the people who click are not the people you want as customers anyway.


**So you need a bridge to that kind of insight that gives a media buyer the justification to say that this new technology is worth the investment.


**Marketers have been very interested in understanding how their content is amplified in the past few years


**Now there is technology that allows us to automatically collect and present this data (More in detail in interview)


**The best companies create communities of interest that are independent:


**they are rooted in the independent Web, with expressions on Facebook, or as an iPhone or Android app – those all become instances of their brand.


** Companies should create a circulatory system through which they can promote different aspects of their messaging and interactions with their community.


**If you're going to be a brand with a publishing approach to marketing, you must have an independent taproot that isn’t controlled by anyone but you. 


Put out your branches and feelers everywhere. Integrate that experience and let your content and messaging flow through it.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full interview here: []

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Rescooped by Shirley Williams ( from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Research Shows Divergence in Social Media Uptake

Research Shows  Divergence in Social Media Uptake | All Things Curation |

Research shows the use of social media at Fortune 500 has stalled, or perhaps even re-trenched.


This article for 'Grow' presents Data  provided by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts.


What particularly caught my attention is:


***The almost universal uptake of Social Media by Universities and Charities.


***The divergence in uptake between Fortune 500 companies - the "titans" of American Business, and the INC 500, comprising America's fastest growing companies


A perhaps even more interesting divergence among the Fortune 500 where:


***The top 100 companies are the most active blogging companies.


***Only 17% of the next 400 companies blog.


It would be easy to conject as to the reasons for these stark differences, but I choose to let the numbers speak for themselves.  I will, however, be on the lookout for further pieces and more in-depth Data on this intriguing puzzle.


Curated by JanLGordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"


Read the full article: []

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Rescooped by Shirley Williams ( from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

How to Curate Addictive Content & Build a Loyal Following

How to Curate Addictive Content & Build a Loyal Following | All Things Curation |

Jeff Bullas wrote this piece and as always, he gives you some great ideas on how to strategically use content that adresses the needs of your audience.


He refers to blogging but the same applies when you're curating content and using 10 different addictive types of content that attracts readership like a magnet. 


This is when:


**You're providing solutions through content that addresses their pain points 


**When you consistently add your knowledge and expertise to the mix, you can become the "Go To Portal" for your subscribers.




"One thing to keep in mind is that every business or reader has day to day challenges and problems that they want help in solving. Helping people find solutions and ideas is an easy way to provide addictive content"


Here are a few addictive content types.


**When you look at these and the others, be thinking about ways you can use these themes to find and curate content for your audience.


Mega Lists

**A long list of tips, tactics and answers that provide people with a resource that maps out many ideas that they can go back to as a reference have proven to work well.



**The latest research provides signposts for future planning and validates and lends credibility to strategies.


**Research does need to be presented with well formatted articles that allow skimming and scanning for “time poor” excecutives!


****Bullet points, screen shots and subtitles are all important elements to provide easy reading.


Curated by JanLGordon covering  "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"


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Rescooped by Shirley Williams ( from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

The Future of Social Media: 38 Experts Share Their Predictions For 2012

The Future of Social Media: 38 Experts Share Their Predictions For 2012 | All Things Curation |

Brian Rice wrote this piece for Business 2 Community



"What is in store for 2012? With only two months remaining until the end of the year, there is no better time than now to pause and take a look towards the future."




Here are a few things that caught my attention:


Elias Roman, CEO and co-founder of Songza


First, the easy prediction: more and more of the information we consume on a daily basis (from news to product reviews to entertainment) will come via the social media channels we have opted into and, more specifically, from the information filters we have chosen to subscribe to in those channels.


****In the short term, more information will come from more sources delivered through fewer channels.


Tony Ellison CEO from


****Social media can insert the missing human touch and allow mankind to tap into the full potential of the internet. Because of this, it is going to transform eCommerce as we know it.


Loren McDonald, VP of Industry Relations at Silverpop


The convergence of mobile, social, local and email, or “mocial,” is forcing marketers to change the way they interact with customers and prospects to ensure that they are where their customers and prospects are, all the time. In 2012 and beyond, savvy marketers will need to cross promote between all channels.


Read full article []


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