4 Reasons Why LinkedIn (and not Facebook) Might be the Better Choice for Your Company | All About LinkedIn | Scoop.it

Successful social media marketing is about knowing where your customers are and establishing a presence there. It is clear that professionals from all demographics are spending a great deal of time with social media, and that Facebook is the main networking site where we spend (or rather, waste) our time.


However, simply because many people are on Facebook does not mean it’s the best use of time and effort for businesses. As a matter of fact, if you asked most people what they use their social networking channels for, they would say Facebook for personal and private use, and LinkedIn for professional use. So, while most people – including decision makers with whom you want to connect, use Facebook to connect with friends and family, LinkedIn is viewed by professionals as a trusted place to network.


Therefore, not only is the perceived purpose of each site different, so is the demographic; many more experienced professionals are not represented, or are simply not active, on Facebook. And while LinkedIn may have fewer users, the professional mindset and ability to network with other people who are on the site for the same reason make it a much more valuable tool for B2B companies.