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How To Use Your Brain to Feel Less Vulnerable

How To Use Your Brain to Feel Less Vulnerable | All About Coaching |
Before I entered the FBI Academy as a new agent, I had never shot a gun. My firearms instructor told me that all I needed to do was relax, breathe, and focus.

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Excellent read! 

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Stay Vulnerable Even When It Hurts

Stay Vulnerable Even When It Hurts | All About Coaching |

"Each day that we make choices about our life and we don’t admit our vulnerability, we are robbing ourselves of our humanity.    Vulnerability is as much a part of being human as is strength.    Many of us have been conditioned to be strong.

Many of us have been encouraged not to ask for help.

Many of us have been persuaded not need anyone.

To be human is to discover we can be vulnerable and still be strong."

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The Secret Power of Vulnerability

The Secret Power of Vulnerability | All About Coaching |

 The power of  vulnerability is lost when you don’t dare or don’t know how.


Bill Treasurer, author of, “Leaders Open Doors,” said, “I used to drink too much. Way too much. … Three years after getting sober … I decided to reveal to my boss, a partner at Accenture, that I was in recovery. …

I didn’t expect my boss to pat me on my shoulder and say, ‘Good for you; you’re a drunk!’ I expected more of a reaction than I got.

After I told him that I was in recovery, my boss looked at me quizzically, and muttered, ‘I see.’ Then he made some small-talk and hurried to another meeting.”

“I regretted having told him…”

If you reveal your real self, what’s left if it’s rejected?


Ariana Amorim's insight:

Great post. 

What are the dangers and opportunities of vulnerable leadership?

What principles guide vulnerability?

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