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Want To Conquer A New Skill? Do It Every Day

Want To Conquer A New Skill? Do It Every Day | All About Coaching |

At the intersection of psychology and productivity lies a simple truth: To do something well, you must embrace quantity. 

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen
Ariana Amorim's insight:

I found the story of Karen X. Cheng truly inspiring. Here's a glimpse of what she writes about her experience ( :

"This isn't a story about dancing, though. It's about having a dream and not knowing how to get there — but starting anyway. Maybe you're a musician dreaming of writing an original song. You're an entrepreneur dying to start your first venture. You're an athlete but you just haven't left the chair yet.

When you watch someone perform, you're seeing them at the top of their game. When they score the winning point or sell their company for millions — you're seeing them in their moment of glory. What you don't see is the thousands of hours of preparation. You don't see the self doubt, the lost sleep, the lonely nights spent working. You don't see the moment they started. The moment they were just like you, wondering how they could ever be good."

John Michel's curator insight, August 31, 2013 3:21 AM

When you're learning a new skill--whether developing dance moves or websites--quantity is way more important than quality.

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The Progress-Focused Approach » Blog Archive » The test-and-learn approach

The Progress-Focused Approach » Blog Archive » The test-and-learn approach | All About Coaching |

Practice based learning is learning on the basis of one’s own reflections on one’s own actions. (...) 

A systematic approach to pratice based learning is the test-and-learn approach which is based on the assumption that learning is an iterative and circular process. It can be described as follows:

1) determine what you would like to achieve,

2) chose a small step forward in the right direction, based on your previous experience,

3) take that step forward,

4) reflect on what happens,

5) respond to the consequences of your step,

6) build what you learn into your next step,

7) repeat these previous steps until an meaningful pattern begins to emerge.

The test-and learn model is a dynamic model in the sense that the goal is not some fixed picture but something which keeps on developing as the process proceeds.

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