“No Means Think Bigger!” - The 3 kinds of setbacks and how to respond | All About Coaching | Scoop.it


 You know the feeling when you have something in mind you really want to achieve and it seems so close, yet something gets in the way?


It happens all of the time with high school students as they try to get good grades or pursuing their passions. It also happens when you are a Life Coach for teens, as you build your practice and sustain the work.


Parents know all too well that the journey between successes, with setbacks and disappointments along the way, causes frustration. 


As a Life Coach working with teens, I’ve been fortunate to see an insider’s point-of-view from all three of these perspectives and pinpointed a few patterns in how people approach setbacks. It turns out that the initial assumption about the nature of the setback - whether it is permanent, temporary, or systematic - matters a great deal. It matters because the assumption drives our response.