The Marketing Value of YouTube | SEO Moz | Media Relations Articles: Rob Ford |

One of the earliest questions considered by any business investing in video marketing will certainly be, “Should I have a YouTube channel? ...If your customers, or the influencers of your customers are watching videos on YouTube related to your industry, then you should have a YouTube channel. Every company has something to be gained from building their brand, notoriety, and reputation. YouTube can be a fantastic channel to help achieve that goal, but only if you have a great idea for content that a specific brand-agnostic user group will genuinely value. If you’re doing paid search, YouTube can be valuable addition to an integrated campaign; if you’re doing PR, YouTube can help you get to the top of the pile on a journalist’s desk; and if you’re engaging with users through social media, YouTube can help to boost the engagements with your posts and campaigns.

Via Jeff Domansky