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Al calor del Caribe
Entre lo ecléctico y lo entrópico. Un espacio híbrido donde el desorden es una forma de orden
Curated by Minerva Bueno
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Rescooped by Minerva Bueno from QR-Code and its applications!

Create QR-Codes with Logo or Image fast, free & easy | QRCode-Monkey-Generator

Create QR-Codes with Logo or Image fast, free & easy | QRCode-Monkey-Generator | Al calor del Caribe |
This free QR Code Generator creates QR Codes with logo-images. Generate your QR Code for urls, vcard, facebook, youtube and more. Download in print quality as PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS.

Via Gust MEES
Ubleam's comment, April 16, 2013 5:56 AM
The unpublished report on 2D code readers for mobile marketing. Finally discover the most successful and popular barcode readers:
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Rose Marie DeSousa's curator insight, November 22, 2013 2:00 PM

Great, Thanks for this. Perfect timing

Rescooped by Minerva Bueno from QR-Code and its applications!

50 QR code resources for the classroom

50 QR code resources for the classroom | Al calor del Caribe |
How can QR codes be used effectively in class?


As mobile learning and technology is more readily integrated within classroom settings, QR codes can be used as an interesting method to capture a student’s attention and make lesson material more interactive.


Quick response codes, also known as ‘QR’ codes, are simple, scannable images that are a form of barcode. By scanning a QR code image through a mobile device, information can be accessed including text, links, bookmarks and email addresses.


In the classroom, QR codes can be used in a variety of ways — from conducting treasure hunts to creating modern CVs. Below is a number of articles, tutorials and lesson plans designed to help educators.


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Via Gust MEES
Konstantinos Kalemis's comment, June 4, 2012 4:50 AM
One of the most effective ways the QR code could be used is in mail order catalogs. In the catalog it would have information on each of the products, pictures and then a QR code with a call to action to scan it. When scanned, the code would pull up a promotional video that explains the product further and shows examples of the product being used. When the video finishes, it will prompt the user to directly add the item to their shopping cart. Additionally, because the catalog could have the QR code link to a URL of their choice, they can track all scans and conversions to measure effectiveness and make necessary changes.
Other ways to use QR Codes:
• to assign homework assignments
• to Link to Important Forms
• to Give Feedback
• for Polls, Surveys, etc
In adult education, QR Codes may be used for examinations, certification and many other applications.
Because of their unusual design, the QR codes would certainly draw the viewers eye, the problem is, these codes are meant to be viewed (primarily but not exclusively) on a mobile phone. If they have a PDF to fill out, it would be much easier to download it to a computer than a mobile phone.
Gust MEES's comment, June 4, 2012 8:08 AM
@Konstantinos Hi, thx for your comment. I agree on your comment, there are huge possibilities withe QR-Code. Please check also my #curation here

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