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(EN) (PDF) - A Glossary of Marine Nature Conservation and Fisheries | Stephen J. Lockwood

"The whole field of fisheries is so beset with jargon and acronmyns that for anyone wishing to understand the issue, it can be a nightmare. Add to that increasing calls to protect marine wildlife, which has led to new terminology, particularly relating to the Habitats and Species Directive. At a time when the European Commission is pushing for consideration of the environment alongside all activities (through a process called integration), it is important to ensure that all those involved with fisheries and the environment have a common understanding of terms. This is why this glossary of terms for marine nature conservation and fisheries was commissioned. There has been wide consultation with a cross section of individuals over the definition of terms, which in itself helped increase common understanding. It is of paramount importance that integration of fisheries and the environment occurs in practice, at the grass roots level and not just in principle. We hope that this glossary will help to achieve such an aim.

A number of communications from the European Union stress the importance of disseminating scientific information in a way that is easily understood. The EC Biodiversity Strategy [COM(1998)42] calls on the Community to develop programmes for public information, education and awareness raising on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. This should also apply to the Commission’s action plan for biodiversity in fisheries. A similar commitment applies in relation to information on the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems. "

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