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(MULTI) - IATE Term of the Week: Bookie | TermCoord

(MULTI) - IATE Term of the Week: Bookie | TermCoord | Glossarissimo! |

"The Oxford Dictionary defines a bookie as the informal version for a bookmaker, or the “person whose job is to take bets, calculate odds, and pay out winnings”. Team-sports frequently bring along competitiveness among the supporters of clubs and these sometimes try their luck betting some money for or against different teams. The characters of bettors often appear in films, where money was at stake for the fastest racehorses.

In this sense, bookies have always been a necessary figure in sports, because they organise and control the bets, which, depending on the sport, can involve high amounts of money. Even though sometimes they are related to illegal gambling, nowadays official organisations keep track of such business transactions.

Bookies must be quite busy at the moment, now that the World Cup 2014 just began in Brazil. People bet for their favourite football teams to ..."

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