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(EN) (FR) (ES) (PT) - Soccer Glossary |

(EN) (FR) (ES) (PT) - Soccer Glossary | | Glossarissimo! |

"In anticipation of the upcoming 2014 FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) World Cup, which will take place in Brazil from June 12 through July 13, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup that Canada will host in 2015, the Translation Bureau has compiled into a single document the terminology most frequently used in soccer.

In view of these two major international events and the increasing popularity of men’s and women’s soccer throughout the world, we produced a quadrilingual glossary—English, French, Spanish and Portuguese—that incorporates a wide variety of terms found in documentation from different countries.

The Soccer Glossary is a dynamic tool that shows how the terminology in each language reflects the different cultures. The creation of this glossary was challenging and very rewarding. We gathered terminology from around the world to arrive at a greater understanding of the endless world of soccer and its extensive vocabulary.

This Soccer Glossary is the product of a research project led by the Translation Bureau’s multilingual team. It comprises 931 entries in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. These terms were extracted and compiled from official documents found on the FIFA website—mainly Laws of the Game 2013/2014, Interpretations of the Laws of the Game and Guidelines for Referees and Regulations 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™—as well as from television and radio comments and from reliable sports blogs and other trustworthy sources found on the Web.

We selected terms and phraseologisms associated with soccer and with various related fields, such as current rules and regulations of the game, fouls and misconduct, types of kicks, play strategies, tactical formations, names of tactical plays, player roles and positions, type of dribbles, refereeing rules, official titles of players and referees, technical aspects, equipment and facilities. We enriched this glossary with notes and definitions to illustrate the proper usage of terms in each language or to clarify concepts. In addition, we included spelling variants and synonyms."

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