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(EN) - Particle Morphology Glossary | David Bright

(EN) - Particle Morphology Glossary | David Bright | Glossarissimo! |

"This glossary is under development as a way to search a database of particle images on the basis of visual appearance. You assign one or more terms to an image by using the Form Term Buttons (below) accessed via the Lispix Spreadsheet tool. The terms should describe what the image looks like, but not necessarily what it actually might be.  Use of these terms does not require knowing the magnification of the image or the material of the particle. For example ‘sintered’ means that the particle looks as if it had been sintered, not that it actually was sintered. The terms should apply to a major part of the particle or aggregate, but need not be characteristic of the whole: a particle might have a rough rounded part, and a smooth part with angular edges, and qualify for both "rough" and "smooth" for example."

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