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(CAT) - Installing and using #OmegaT scripts (Reblog/Translation) | Translator's Recipes

(CAT) - Installing and using #OmegaT scripts (Reblog/Translation) | Translator's Recipes | Glossarissimo! |
OmegaT script basics (translated from Italian)Read More
Stefano KaliFire's insight:

"This is the first article in a series that is going to present some features and usage techniques of an advanced computer assisted program OmegaT. Let’s start with scripts, which are a very useful piece of software and can be thought of as a way for OmegaT script writers to add new functionality to the program and make it capable of performing operations that are not (yet) implemented by the developers. This article describes how to load scripts in OmegaT and shows where to find useful scripts created by OmegaT users.

What are scripts and how do they work?

Installing Scripting feature in OmegaT

Using a script

Where to find OmegaT scripts?

Assigning a shortcut to a script"

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