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(CAT) - XLIFF to TMX | Translator's Recipes

(CAT) - XLIFF to TMX | Translator's Recipes | Glossarissimo! |

"One of the recent scripts published here allowed OmegaT users who wanted their project to be worked on in a different CAT tool, to export the whole OmegaT project to an XLIFF file. To get the completed work back to OmegaT, one had to run Okapi Rainbow to convert XLIFF to TMX, possibly using the Rainbow settings file created by the script.

In this post I’ll share how to convert those OmegaT-created XLIFF files finished (or partly finished) in Trados/MemoQ/Deja Vu/WhatNotCAT back to TMX that can be used in OmegaT (all tags preserved, of course, that was the whole point), right from within OmegaT, without running Rainbow manually.

The conversion is done by Rainbow, and it should be installed on your computer. But Rainbow is run in a command-line mode so the user simply has to start the script, select the XLIFF file when being prompted, and choose where and ..."

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