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(MULTI) (PDF) - Migration: Key terms in 23 languages | EU Bookshop

(MULTI) (PDF) - Migration: Key terms in 23 languages | EU Bookshop | Glossarissimo! |

"Migration has been a constant phenomenon throughout the history of mankind. We live in an increasingly globalised world and the mobility of persons is among its most visible features. This mobility is likely to increase in the future, primarily because economies are increasingly interconnected and because of the availability of more extensive and more efficient global transport networks. Europe is - despite the ongoing financial crisis - one of the regions of the world which continues to attract migrants. This also affects all EU Member States, albeit to different degrees.

People migrate for a wide variety of reasons. In most cases, the decision to migrate is a voluntary one, prompted by a desire to seek better employment opportunities, to move for the purpose of study or research, or to ..."

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PDF file, 64 pages

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