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(EN) - Clinical Terminology for International and US Students |

(EN) - Clinical Terminology for International and US Students | | Glossarissimo! |

"This web site is designed for beginning international and U.S. students who need to understand terms, abbreviations and acronyms in everyday use in U.S. clinical settings. It is a practical quick reference site as opposed to one for scholarly work. Use this site to quickly identify the terms you hear or see while involved in clinical practice.

This dictionary is not intended to be comprehensive. It is limited to terms commonly encountered during the first four months of clinical experience. Students are encouraged to supplement their knowledge of terms by referencing Medline Plus , mediLexicon, texts or journal articles.

This dictionary will permit you to search on clinical terms and see and hear the items, read their definitions and understand their use in the context of a sentence. You may use the "Search Dictionary" menu on the left without logging in. However, we encourage you to register and login so you can participate in the development of the web site."

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