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(EN) (FR) (DE) (IT) (ES) (PDF) - European glossary on education (5 Volumes) |

(EN) (FR) (DE) (IT) (ES) (PDF) - European glossary on education (5 Volumes) | | Glossarissimo! |

"Every education system uses its own specific terminology to describe the characteristics of its organisation and operation. In trying to understand and compare how the various education systems in Europe really work, we are confronted with questions of terminology. The development of precise ‘markers’ for reference purposes is thus absolutely essential for better mutual understanding and quality cooperation between European countries


• Vol. 1: Examinations, qualifications and titles

• Vol. 2: Educational Institutions

• Vol. 3: Teaching staff

• Vol. 4: Management, monitoring and support staff

• Vol. 5: Decision-making,  advisory, operational and regulatory bodies in higher education"

Via Mary Theodosiadou
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