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(TOOL) (JA) (€) - NJStar Japanese Word Processor Version 5.30 | 南极星 NJStar Software

(TOOL) (JA) (€) - NJStar Japanese Word Processor Version 5.30 | 南极星 NJStar Software | Glossarissimo! |

"NJStar specializes in developing Asian language software for both Windows and internet applications. Our products, such as NJStar Chinese Word Processor, NJStar Japanese Word Processor and NJStar Communicator are very popular tools for Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) web page and email viewing and editing. Many universities and language schools worldwide have also licensed them as ideal tools for Asian teaching and learning.

NJStar technology features unique design and and innovative software development thinking, making NJStar software a outstanding success in Chinese/Japanese/Korean language support worldwide. NJStar’s trademark product, NJStar Communicator, with its broad-base support of popular Windows and internet programs such as Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and email software, featuring unique Asian language automatic detection and conversion functionalities, has long been enjoying tremendous popularity among global Asian language communities."

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