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"In 1984 IFLA Section of Art Libraries published An Art Librarian’s Glossary compiled by Ian Sheridan. A revised edition to take account of user’s comments and suggestions was foreseen at that stage and in 1991 Sheridan’s proposal for such a revised edition was accepted by IFLA on condition that indicators of gender for non-English words be included. The Art Libraries Section Standing Committee recognised this as an opportunity to do a thorough revision of the Glossary and four United States colleagues took responsibility for such a revision. They were Jean Shaw Adelman, Clive Phillpot, Beryl Smith and Susan Garretson Swartzburg. They revised the scope of the Glossary on the basis that there are numerous specialised glossaries which cover fields such as Art History. They also supervised a first revision of the existing translations and provided translations for the large number of new terms, and made a start on providing indicators of gender. It was further decided that definitions for all terms should be supplied. In October 1994 the responsibility for finalising the draft for publication reverted to the Chairman of the Section who co-ordinated a final check of all terms and definitions.

The Glossary is very much a “work in progress”. There are so many domains of specialised vocabulary that it is difficult to achieve a judicious balance among them to provide a useful and usable tool for librarians. The Glossary attempts to bring together these vocabularies of the bibliographer, archivist, antiquarian and curator, as well as the vocabulary of librarianship. In the ten years since the first edition of the Glossary appeared the landscape in which we work has changed dramatically and this second edition of the Glossary begins to add terminology related to current practices and developments, for example adding terms such as diskette, e-mail, optical disk, etc. Attention is also given to the book as an object and to the other media in use in librarianship. On the other hand, this edition slimmed down the original selection of terms by the removal of terms relating to administration and holding of meetings, art historical terms and materials terms, all of which areas are well served by specialist glossaries. All the dictionaries, glossaries and other works consulted in the preparation of this edition are ..."

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English with Indexes in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish

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