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(EN) (FR) (RU) (ES) (PDF) - International glossary of hydrology / Glossaire international d’hydrologie / Международный гидрологический словарь / Glosario hidrológico internacional |

"Agreed terminology is essential for communication, shared research and joint action, especially at the international level. This is why a glossary of hydrology is so important -- to stimulate further progress in water sciences and to facilitate the translation of technical and scientific publications that may be of interest to a wider audience but are available only in one language.

This 3rd edition of the UNESCO-WMO International Glossary of Hydrology builds on the pioneering efforts of the WMO Working Group on Terminology established in 1961 which evolved into the joint WMO/UNESCO Panel on Terminology in 1967, the work launched in the framework of International Hydrological Decade, as well as the publication of the first edition in 1974 and second edition in 1992. The fruit of a longstanding partnership, this edition was prepared by a Standing Committee on Terminology, comprising members designated by UNESCO and the WMO."

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