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(CAT) - The SDLXLIFF Toolkit | Paul Filkin

(CAT) - The SDLXLIFF Toolkit | Paul Filkin | Glossarissimo! |

"The release of Studio 2014 will bring a number of new OpenExchange applications to the App Store. One of these is already becoming well known based on the name alone… the SDLXLIFF Toolkit! The name suggests this is a tool for working with an SDLXLIFF and being able to take it to pieces and interact with all of it’s components… and this is probably a good explanation of what it actually does.

So if you’ve ever wanted to be able to filter on fuzzy matches of 99% to help you find segments that may have a duplicate translation penalty… or if you wanted to be able to take a 500 file Project, copy source to target, set as translated and lock various segments based on their ..."

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