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(IT) (EN) - Calcio Glossary |

(IT) (EN) - Calcio Glossary | | Glossarissimo! |

"Calcio Glossary.

Welcome to the Ultimate Calcio Glossary which has been compiled for the followers of Italian Football as well as for Italians wanting to pick up a few English footballing phrases. This glossary contains in excess of 800 calcio related terms translated from Italian into English and has been designed also to assist football managers, coaches and players whether they are Italians based in English speaking countries or native speakers of the English language situated in Italy. Please feel free to enrich your calcio vocabulary and try out a few phrases.  Start preparing yourself for Euro 2012 in which England could face the mighty Azzurri in the final, due to take place in Kiev. You read it here first! This Ultimate Calcio Glossary has been inspired by the commentary brilliance of Andy Townsend, formerly a player for Chelsea and ..."

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