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(CAT) (VIDEO) - memoQ AutoCorrect: mysteries revealed | Kevin Lossner

(CAT) (VIDEO) - memoQ AutoCorrect: mysteries revealed | Kevin Lossner | Glossarissimo! |

"Actually, AutoCorrect isn't that mysterious to those familiar with it. Many Microsoft Office users love it or hate it. I usually love it when I type English, but when I switch between languages in the same document, strange mutations occur in my words and I often wonder how I could possibly have typed some of the things I seem to have typed and of course did not.

Last December when I started the research to update my book of memoQ tips (which is still in progress, because the software is a fast-moving target to describe), I found a way to migrate the AutoCorrect lists from Microsoft Word to memoQ (and vice versa). This was a happy day for me, as a Dutch partner had been asking for exactly that for a very long time, and ..."

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